Unsustainable policies and their remedies: five questions that need answering.

OMFIF and the BSIA (Balsillie School of International Affairs)  jointly published on 16 September a piece authored by William White. He contends that the global economic system, and indeed the state of mankind more generally, is more precarious than is commonly understood. Prior to the pandemic, the economic, political and environmental systems that underpin our democratic and capitalist institutions were already highly stressed. The pandemic, the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse, now threatens to trigger “tipping points”  that will not be easy to reverse. White remains optimistic that properly chosen policies can reduce these exposures, but they require answering a number of important questions. Not least, what past policies have contributed to the current, unsustainable state of affairs and should be avoided in the future? Spend and print is not a sustainable solution.