William White has been intimately involved in setting macroeconomic policy for over forty years.

William was chairman of the Economic and Development Review Committee at the OECD, which makes policy recommendations to associated countries. He writes and speaks widely on macroeconomic issues.


International financial crises: prevention, management and resolution

Speech by William R White, Economic Adviser, Bank for International Settlements, at a conference on ‘Economic governance: the role of …
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Meeting Note from SEANZA Governors’ Symposium

Meeting Notes The SymposiumTheme: Asset Price Cycles and Financial Stability Event or Meeting:  SEANZA Governors’ Symposium Date:  2 November 2002 …
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A strategy for promoting financial stability

Date:  1 November 2002 File:  1Nov2002 _HongKong_SEANZA Governors Symposium_LECTURE.pdf …
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