Authored Articles

31 January, 2016

Could central bank policy be making the economy more vulnerable? A fundamental rethink is in order if worse outcomes are to be avoided. -

Article by William White published  on OECD Observer No 305 January 2016

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11 December, 2015

"Our problems can only be resolved through actions taken by governments, not by central banks."

Article published in Finanz und Wirtschaft  - 11 December 2015 - see link below:


8 December, 2015

William White prepared a short article on some “Simple Policy Lessons from Embracing Complexity” as input to a conference on “Complexity Economics” (

20 April, 2015

Article from William White published in the 'International Economy'  Magazine - Spring 2015

10 February, 2015

Article published in the Bulletin - OMFIF

Asia’s experience is ripe for study

The Tides of Capital is a must read for policy-makers. It is short, and they have little time. But more importantly, it punches
above its weight in identifying the sources of problems faced...

10 February, 2015

Published in Finance and Development -IMF Publication

The global economy is rife with imbalances that cannot be fixed under the present international monetary (non)system

27 January, 2015

Article published in Finanz und Wirtschaft on 27 January 2015


21 December, 2014

Special Report Outlook 2015: Political & Geopolitical RiskMonetary politics

Central bank independence is both a recent and a far from universal orthodoxy, notes William
White. But the financial crisis has left the world with...

18 December, 2014

William White - Article published in the Financial Times on 20 November 2014

1 September, 2014

William White Contribution to the International Economy Magasine - Publication Summer 2014

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