Presentation to the Ambassadors to the OECD

William White, as chairman of the Economic and Development Review Committee at the OECD, was invited to speak to the Ambassadors at their annual retreat on the topic of the future work program of the OECD. He gave strong support to the OECD project called NAEC, New Approaches to Economic Challenges. This project was initiated by the Secretary General in recognition of the shortcomings of the analytical appraches relied upon prior to the crisis, which failed to see the crisis coming and also failed to predict both its magnitude and duration.

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Central Banks and Macroprudential Policies: Who Does What?

In this presentation, William White suggests criteria for allocating  the respsonsibility for macroprudential policies between domestic institutions. He concludes that there are strong grounds for the central bank playing a leading role, particularly with policies designed to prevent crises.


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Economic and Monetary Challenges

Presentation at the Eurofi High Level Seminar, April 20-22 – Amsterdam

William White contributed in a variety of ways to the recent Eurofi High Level Seminar in Amsterdam. First, he had an exchange of views with Philippe Bordenave (BNP Paribas) on the impact of ultra low interest rates on European financial institutions and on their customers. Second, he chaired a panel on the challenges posed by the aging EU population for the financial sector. Third, he summarized the main findings of the sessions that took place on the first day (April 20) of the conference, including those noted above.


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