Interview with Mark Schorer in Börsen-Zeitung

In this interview, published in Börsen-Zeitung on 8 June 2018, Bill answers questions related to the Swiss referendum (the “Vollgeld” initiative) on whether a “narrow money”regime should be introduced in Switzerland. He agrees that the current fiat money system in place almost everywhere has serious deficiencies. Thinking carefully about how it might be improved or even replaced is a worthwhile endeavour. That said, replacing the current Swiss system with one so radically different, and at such short notice, coud result in unintended and undesired consequences. The interview in German, and the English translation, can be found below.



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Global Economic and Financial Situation Worse Than 2007

William White was intervewed by Bloomberg on 13 September 2017 in Hong Kong. He gave his views about prospective global economic and financial development and the risks that continued to build up, not least debt.

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Q & A: Bill White on global monetary policy in an era of post-crisis politics

At a meeting of the Beat Siegenthaler of the UBS Knowledge Network in Zurich on Jan 20, Bill discussed how even a relatively limited fiscal stimulus by the Trump administration might give the Fed cover to tighten monetary policy, which in turn could lead to more overt political pressure on the central bank.


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Der Spiegel: “Inequality, Market Chaos and Angry Voters”

As early as 1996, White was critical of Alan Greenspan, who was head of the US Federal Reserve at the time, due to his ultra-loose monetary policy with which he had hoped to unleash the financial markets. He also warned of the coming crisis on the mortgage market long before Lehman went belly up.

But few were interested in what the economist had to say at a time when the apparently all-powerful financial industry was driving the economy around the world. Once Lehman collapsed, however, that industry threatened to implode and take the global economy along with it, not unlike an immune system that turns on its own body and destroys it.

Der Spiegel Date:  17 November 2016


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