Only government action can resolve a global solvency crisis

Article by William White published in the Financial Times on 25 September 2016 –

Central banks have recently been engaged in a process of unprecedented monetary experimentation. Unlike scientists developing new drugs or genetic modifications, fear of the unknown has had no moderating influence on their activities.

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Disaster Avoidance

Article from William White published in International Economy magazine -Spring 2016

How analytical, executive and democratic deficits  threaten the existence of the eurozone.



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Simple Policy Lessons from Embracing Complexity

Modern macroeconomics is based upon the false belief that the economy is essentially understandable and predictable. This leads to misguided policies. A column by William White.

Central banks in the major advanced economies have been pursuing increasingly experimental polices for many years. These bear the risk of ending unhappily.

Article published in Finanz und Wirtschaft



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System Malfunction

Published in Finance and Development -IMF Publication

The global economy is rife with imbalances that cannot be fixed under the present international monetary (non)system

White PDF4 1-23-15.pdf

White PDF4 1-23-15
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Market failures warrant policy responses

Article published in the Bulletin – OMFIF

Asia’s experience is ripe for study

The Tides of Capital is a must read for policy-makers. It is short, and they have little time. But more importantly, it punches above its weight in identifying the sources of problems faced by governments and central banks and the terrible trade-offs they are commonly confronted with.

The Bulletin – Bill White.pdf


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