The Ultra-Easy Money Experiment

Presentation by William White at the Bruno Leoni Institute , Roma – 5th Lectio Minghetti – 20 October 2015

It will be published in Italian by the Bruno Leoni Institute.


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Fundamentals of Central Banking — Lessons from the Crisis

Published by Group of Thirty – Washington, D.C.  October 2015. The study was led by a Steering Committee comprised of Jacob Frankel (Chairman), Arminio Fraga and Axel Weber, and was supported by a Working Group of 16 members of the G30, including its Chairman,  Jean-Claude Trichet. William White was the Director of this Project and the Draftsman of this G30 Document.


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How False Beliefs About Exchange Rate Systems Threaten Global Growth and the Existence of the Eurozone

William White – Working Paper No.250 – Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas – Globalization and Monetary Policy Institute – September 2015

The current belief system that says “all will be well” if domestic price stability can be maintained is fundamentally flawed. If this can be achieved only through monetary, credit and debt expansion, the end result will be an increased risk of systemic crisis.

WP 250 final.pdf

WP 250 final
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