Press Interviews and References

22 June 2017

Interview by Nassim Khadem (Sydney Morning Herald) on 17 June 2017

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19 May 2017

18. MAI 2017 DIE ZEIT No 21     WIRTSCHAFT

Die mächtigste Schule der Welt
Fortsetzung auf S. 20Vor 40 Jahren studierte eine Gruppe Ökonomen an einer Eliteuniversität in Amerika.
Dann führten sie Länder, Zentralbanken und...

8 February 2017

Q&A Series: Bill White

Even a relatively limited fiscal stimulus by the Trump administration might give the Fed cover to tighten monetary policy, which in turn could lead to more overt political pressure on the central bank. This is the view of William R....

30 January 2017

Interview by Philippe Béguelin - Finanz und Wirtschaft on 30 December 2016


18 November 2016

As early as 1996, White was critical of Alan Greenspan, who was head of the...

30 September 2016

The interview took place on 27 September 2016 with Cris Sheridan, Senior Editor, Financial Sense

Follow this link to hear the interview:  http://www....

14 September 2016

Interview by Gillian Tett

4 July 2016

The interview took place at the University of Leipzig on 21 June 2016 where Mr White was speaking at the International conference "Zero Interest Rate and Economic Order"

16 June 2016

Interview of William White by Elsa Floret AGEFI magazine on 25 May in Brussels

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