The Weaponisation of Finance and the Future of the International Monetary System

On 20 April, 2022, William White and Barry Eichengreen discussed this topic on a webinar organized by the C D Howe Institute in Toronto, Canada.  William White suggested there are many indictors that a global economic and financial crisis could be coming quite soon. He also suggested that such a development, unlike the early days of the crisis that began in 2008, might be more likely to spark a dollar crisis as well. Absent such a dollar crisis, the current international monetary (non) system based primarily on the dollar was likely to continue, though a gradual shift to a tripartite block of national currencies (the dollar, euro and renmimbi) could also be envisaged.  Should a dollar crisis erupt, a variety of outcomes could be anticipated. At one end of the spectrum would be a cooperatively agreed new system, based on some internationally issued money or commodity, that would rectify shortcomings in the current system. At the other end of the spectrum would be an autarchic outcome that would have severe economic, political and even environmental implications.

To see the recording of William White’s presentation use the password Finance123